CMap June, 2011

          Concept maps look very much like a tangled spider’s web that has particles caught up in its sticky threads. Well, that’s learning – the Coles notes version. Here is how it all unravels and makes sense to me.

         My personal learning environment (PLE) is enhanced by modern technology, and a great way to visualize its complexity is with the use of graphic software like a cmap. Technology has many faces and Internet tools like Google and Yahoo are just 2 of them. As I visit various sites a trail is left, these mouse droppings lead to pointers, they are the specific sites I’ve visited. This leaves what is known as a digital footprint, and that never goes away. These pointers (sites) are usually knowledge based or performance based competencies and usually includes: creation, communication, and evaluation abilities these are part of my PLE.

          This is just the beginning. Technology via Enterprise 2.0 offers digital literacy, and the artifacts include: slideshare, podcast, audacity, concept maps, PLE image, avatars, wikis and blog posts. These all offer ways of communicating and sharing education in different formats and they add to my PLE. Digital literacy also leaves footprints that will benefit performance and knowledge based competencies and those allow me to continually update my PLE.  Digital Literacy also provides on line communication tools like: blogs, facebook, wikis, skype, I google, Second Life, twitter, podcasting, flicker, picasa, and videos. These are social networks and they lead to learning which is included in my PLE.  I also share these via RSS feeds which are an information management tool and they leave a path to personal and public  information which connects back to the digital footprints and becomes part of my PLE.  These social network tools need to be carefully managed as to ensure personal privacy is maintained. The public information is usually attained via social networks, digital footprints and rss feeds, but the information is very general in nature.  Other technological information management tools are:  google reader, diigo, linked and Wikispace and they are linked to the work learning environment which helps me manage my PLE again. The management tools technological management tools help collect and library: tools, documents, communication, information etc. so that it can be managed in an easier fashion, hank goodness

          To wrap it all up in a nice neat package, technology is comprised of numerous tools. Some are performance enhancers while others are knowledge enhancers. Technology also includes numerous communication tools which enhance both knowledge and performance, this all sums up to learning and that’s what makes up my PLE. In addition technology through the use of Enterprise 2.0 (no, not the space ship) offers numerous digital literacy tools which again add affordances that benefit my PLE.

          There is not a clean cut path to learning, it really is a tangled intertwining sticky web that catches everything as it passes by. My Personal Learning network has expanded so much due to technology and it will continue to flourish.  In addition I will share all my new skills with my colleagues at work (my community) and eventually my group and corporation will also see their affordances.


          As the activities suggested I signed up for Diigo to check it out. As I browsed it I found attributes that I truly liked. The auto blog post which allowed you to automatically post to my group’s blogs or bookmarks and the user friendly format were definately highlights for me. I liked the feature of importing bookmarks. This tool has affordance to me since I can see its value as an information manager. I will definitely be looking more deeply into this “Synch” tool for interaction.

          As an asynch tool, I still find that wikispace has so much to offer. I like the fact that the discussion board is user friendly and the history tracking feature is one that I can see myself using in the future…as my team developes new course components this is a great way to share and edit because of the “tracking” system.

          I did upload a ppt presentation to slideshare and unfortunately my file was too large so I will honestly have to play with that one again. I have in past added audio to a ppt presentation using audacity but had my IT department assist in the synchronization and they basically did it all due to the fact they had no time to help me during office time. I will try this again after the weekend, I really find that I need time to mentally create all those files that are floating in my head.

          I do however really really like the podcast and video activities, both of those I see a great future for my purpose. Both these tools allow me to express emotions and that from my personal experience gives a much pleasenter learning experience for my classes.

        I have one regret….so many tools and so little time to explore them this action packed week!

Although I had already posted this on the wiki as a podcast I came to the realization that I had not let anyone know….Huge oversite on my part, so  here I am adding yesterday reflection to my blog

          As I reflected over todays class I found myself stressed. Its not due to the class, its about our children, after this morning I have a heightened awareness of their addiction to modern technology and their tendencies of multi-tasking and  I have to wonder what direction are they heading in???. Is it really a positive thing????  We debated about multi tasking and I found it very unsettling when it all settled that the Generation M is virtually glued to things like tweeting, cellphones, and videogames and it has had some impact on how they learn. Whats really scary is that self worth seems to revolve around the fact that they are as Ben mentioned one with their technology. Even more disturbing were stories that were shared that spolke of instances when technologies were taken away they became distraught, unorganized and virtually lost. It really got me thinking about thinking. How are they to survive should technology god forbid be totally lost…How would they survive, computers can’t cook, nor can they source food. Whats even worse is the fact that adults are the models for children and they too are becoming addicted to the technological world….we can’t even drive to the grocery store without taking a cell phone or turning right around if we should heaven forbid forget to take itwith us……

My, how the world has changed.

Our group enjoyed making this video and we hope that you enjoy and appreciate its content



Today is only the beginning and already I’ve experienced personal satisfaction at what I’ve learned. Creating a blog was not new to me, however understanding what a tag was and its importance was beneficial. I presently use a blog to share supplier information sites with my students, now I understand how important the tag is since it identifies and points the computer to my site. I also now understand what the difference is between a wiki and a blog, changes can be made to wiki while in a blog only the owner of it can make changes. I now realize there is a new tool I can use at work. I am part of a training team and many times we are creating components for a course when we are not in the same place. By using wiki we can send our components to our group and each individual could make suggested changes which could be monitored. The blog I will still use since I believe it is extremely important to share links that offer reliable information with my organization. However I am already planning to create a wiki for the next internal course so the group can discuss and reflect each day. In fact, since the course has value (it is linked to a pay raise) it could be an assignment that would part of the final grade…

Before today I had not even heard of Google Docs. This is another tool that I can see myself using for work. There are many times when I find myself working at home, in these instances I log into my work computer via remote access from my personal computer. It’s a perfect situation in theory. In practice I cannot access my stored files since I am not physically working at my station.  Google docs would allow me to create and share my work on line and then I could access anything I create from anywhere! This is awesome!! Presently I drag a precious USB stick with me everywhere I go, and in the back of my mind is the fear of loosing it!!!

Its only Day 1 and already I’m armed with new ideas to take to work….